Our main partners in Estonia are:

Thanks to correctly organised functioning of our team, reliable partners and suppliers, for many years Sfinks KN Ltd. successfully winning government and private tenders supplying all mentioned products to our clients in Russia and Europe.

We are Estonian Chamber of Commerce members and our tight copperation gave us stable connections with a lot of companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Baltics. Today Sfinks KN Ltd is an official representative of foreign companies in Estionia. List of companies you can see here.

Since 2003 we have created more than direct 100 connections with producers for supplying different products. Some of them are:

  • NIIVN (Ukraine) – science and esearch Institute of high voltages
  • Nordimpex (Russia) – 4PL logistics operator
  • Orion-plus Ltd (Ukraine) – cargo machinery spareparts supplier
  • Minsk electrotechnical plant named after V.I.Kozlov (Belarus) - wide range of eclectic engineering equipment producer since 1956
  • JSC «ZAVOD ATI» - (Russia) brakes parts, seals, thermal insulation production factory since 1913
  • Petrozavodskmash JSC (Russia) - part of Atomenergomash JSC, the mechanical engineering division of ROSATOM state corporation, a leader in the field of power engineering since 1960
  • PJSC Kharverst (Ukraine) - Kharkiv Machine-Tool Building Plant since 1936
  • SPV “Electromash” Ltd (Russia) - D. C. and A. C. electric motors and generators, measuring and power transformers, other electric equipment (electromagnets, etc.) producer since 1997 
  • OJSC «VIZAS» (Belarus) - Vitebsk tool grinding machinery manufacturing since 1896
  • CJSC Transmashholding - the biggest Russian company in the transport engineering industry, the world’s leader in railway engineering in actual volume of production
  • OJSC Stalstroikonstrukcia (Ukraine) – steel building constructions

Our experience base and professonal approach SFINKS KN Ltd. will allways fulfill all of your requests.

We are open for cooperation and ready to offer you long therm relatons based on trust.

Леонид Кордас

Chairman of the Board

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Надежда Кордас

Commercial director, member of the board

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Владимир Тухов

Executive Director

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Владимир Горбачёв

Technical director

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